Kirsten's Back Porch – Brantford, ON



Kirsten’s Back Porch was started literally from the back porch of 23 Terrance Drive. As a single mother, Kirsten needed to be at home with her son and a home business fulfilled that need. She had spent many years in the industry accumulating a clientele and was nervous to set out into uncharted territory, a small stand alone salon based out her home. After successfully establishing herself for several years, moving back out into the community became necessary, so she started searching for small retail storefronts. As word spread about her search, Kirsten started getting requests from fellow stylists about employment opportunities. It became evident that she was going to need a larger space than was originally anticipated. After finding her current location, Kirsten was on a mad race to the finish line. Kirsten’s Back Porch had clientele, employees, equipment and retail to organize and with the help of friends and family the “new” Kirsten’s Back Porch opened its doors on April 11th 2012. After the big move all of the original clientele stood behind the shift and with new clients being welcomed every day, the salon is continuing to grow.

Our motto is simple; WE PRESCRIBE what your hair needs.

Our business is based on a relationship of trust between the stylists and our clients, we stand behind everything we prescribe, and all the services we provide. It is a shared belief that our team is comprised of some of the best stylists in Brantford. Our experienced stylists are talented individuals with many years in the industry, great personalities, and a full book of business everyday as proof of this. We pride ourselves in supporting each other as well as mentoring our younger stylists so that together we make a better team. Our clients are nurtured in this environment and because of this feel free to drop in to have a chat, get questions answered or sometimes just to share a “hello”. ¬†We feel a deep sense of accomplishment in being able to provide this atmosphere and are always striving to keep this consistency.


Our involvement and relationships within the community continues to grow through our reputation and we welcome new clients who appreciate the exceptional way in which the business is maintained. In an industry where most stylists will retain you as a client by making you feel good as you leave, we stand out because we would like to give you the knowledge and tools to make yourself look and feel fabulous everyday.